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This website is about my maternal family history, concentrating on the families of my 4 great-grandparents, the families of Denman, Fisher, Thomas and Willsman. My grandfather Jack Denman (son of Mary Thomas and Charles Denman) married my grandmother, Beryl Fisher (daughter of Ivy Willsman and Wilfred Fisher). Many thanks to Grandpa for the invaluable help he has given me on all branches of the family!

                                 My great-grandparents:

Charles and Mary (Thomas) Denman   :   Wilfred and Ivy (Willsman) Fisher

The Denman family hail from North Curry in Somerset, England, although the earliest record I have of my Denmans is a marriage in Staplegrove, Somerset. My branch later moved to Taunton, where some still live.

The Fisher family originated in Mark, Somerset, before our branch moved to the nearby village of Wedmore. A Fisher descendant, Ron Baker, started a family newsletter in 1985, producing 4 a year for 14 years, and bringing together Fisher descendants from Canada and England. He is a mine of information and has helped me immensely.

The earliest Thomas I've traced is from Minehead, Somerset, and one of his descendants later moved to Dunster, where our branch lived from the late 1850s to the 1920s.

The Willsman/Wilsman family originate from the Otterton area of Devon. My earliest Willsman, Thomas, was born 1775 or possibly slightly earlier, initially his surname was spelt with one L, but he wasn't baptised in Otterton, so I need to expand my search outwards in ever increasing circles until I find a likely candidate. It may well be that the surname was Welsman, in some of the records for parish relief (during the 1800s), the family's name was recorded as Welsman, so it may well be that the surname changed it's spelling. The Rolle Estates, which include Otterton, stretched as far as Cornwall, but it seems to be very much a Devon name.

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